MBA Corporate Partnerships

Benefits of MBA Business Partners

Becoming an AMBA corporate partner or sponsor will furnish you with a unique chance to access both our Business School and graduate networks. MBA business partners are also a key component in our mission to impact global and local communities, societies and economies through high-quality, innovative and responsible education and lifelong learning.

An MBA corporate partnership will enable your organisation to:

● Align with AMBA, one of the world’s leading impartial authorities on postgraduate management education

● Position your brand, products and services with our global network of Business School leaders

● Benefit from speaking to key decision-makers when networking in the business education sector

● Gain exposure to the key Business School trends and insights affecting the community

● Better understand the challenges your customers are facing to aid your sales and marketing strategy

Examples of our MBA corporate partnership and sponsorship packages are available via the links below, but if you would like more information or wish to discuss a bespoke solution for your organisation, please contact AMBA’s Head of Commercial Relations Max Braithwaite on


AMBA’s busy schedule of conferences and events is a key way in which we help improve the quality of postgraduate management education.

Thought Leadership

An MBA corporate partnership offers your organisation the opportunity to place company spokespeople alongside leadership greats. You’ll also showcase your brand and services in front of readers who are leaders at some of the world’s most affluent Business Schools.


AMBA’s Research and Insight Centre provides cutting-edge information and understanding to the global Business School and wider business community. This includes Deans, senior Business School professionals, prospective and graduate MBAs, MBA employers and senior business managers.


‘It has been wonderful to partner with AMBA on a variety of fronts. Their annual event in 2022 was an excellent gathering of insightful thought leadership and engaged discussion, with some of the most innovative leaders of business schools in the world. We have also appreciated the opportunity to work with AMBA on research around business school trends, as well as roundtable discussions and virtual events. Business schools are typically seen as the tip of the spear of innovation in Higher Education, and AMBA can serve as a community for these institutions.’

Jean Pembleton, Director EMEA Product Marketing, Education

Liaison International

‘Our ongoing partnership with AMBA has enabled us to reach decision makers at Business Schools across the world, through a thought-leadership strategy, comprising events, webinars, focus groups and editorial innovations such as sponsored interviews and sponsored features in AMBA’s award-winning magazine AMBITION.

‘It has given us the opportunity to share ideas and insight, as well as receive feedback and suggestions, within our target market.

‘This is a true collaboration and partnership with AMBA, rather than a ‘client/supplier’ relationship.’

George Haddad, Founder and CEO, Liaison International


Benefits of an MBA corporate partnership

In terms of impact, reach and cost-effectiveness, a bespoke MBA corporate partnership allows strategic organisations to connect with Business School leaders through a suite of initiatives that suit your goals. You’ll also receive the opportunity to work in close consultation with AMBA’s corporate team to build a package that will address your needs and cement your position as a leader within the business education sector.

An MBA corporate partnership will enable you to establish strong and lasting relationships with business educators from leading Business Schools across the world, through a long-term and visible commitment to the sector.

A partnership affords the chance for your organisation to demonstrate thought leadership, position itself as a go-to resource for global Business Schools and grow personal relationships throughout the international AMBA network.

Organisations with an interest in business education and networking among Business School leaders should consider aligning their brand with AMBA in a formal MBA corporate partnership agreement.

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